OMG! Insta Model makes $100K Per year with her unique tongue Twerk Skill

I bet you can believe that this Instagram model makes $100k a year with her uniquely long tongue. I and people like me can say that this Insta model has the competition licked, literally. Mikayla Saravia or “KKVH” Claims her stamp licker is 6.5” long, when someone asked her, “How long does your tongue need to be to get thirsty men to drop copious amounts of money in your lap?” Peoples say that size doesn’t matter, but I am gonna tell you straight up right now, this woman would murder you in a tootsie pop lick-off.

This is for your knowledge if you’re wondering how you stack up? The average man has a tongue 3.3 inches long, while the average woman makes do with 3.1 inches of licking power.

Mikayla Saravia has a longer tongue than a normal or average tongue size. With her uniquely long tongue, she licking stuff and twerking in her unique style. With this unique style, according to Mikayla, she makes between $900 to $3000 for sharing photos and videos of her licking stuff and tweaking of course.


She is not only limited to her tasteful Instagram but also she opens own photography studio and makes her music. This self-proclaimed “normal girl” and comic book nerd has her line of trademarked products including sex toys.

In addition to her unusually large tongue, She also shares her own ahem interesting videos on her Instagram. We bring here her 6 images of her tongue in action. You can also search and follow her on her Instagram.


Mikayla Saravia has a longer tongue than a normal

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