Working With Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Technology has steadily improved through time, and there’s not any indication of it slowing down. Knowing contemporary technology is essential-have for your daily life, also for many jobs in almost any industry. With all the technological advances, all I hear is that the fear that robots will take over many occupations and leave employees jobless since they can’t compete. In my view, this isn’t completely true or untrue. I do believe that there are no quitting robots from penetrating each area, but it does not automatically signify they are here to take over.

We found someday back a report that a resort has introduced human functioning with robots. Obviously, at first, I was a bit worried, I mean why can I continue my schooling if later I’ll no longer be required? After all, I’m not programmed never to make a mistake. Rather than being fearful I am likely to lose my livelihood, I started to love the thought!


Having robots in the hospitality industry won’t always eliminate all of human interaction. Allow me to give you another instance. If you’re anything like me, the most peculiar thing about these phone calls will be the automatic services. I must repeat myself several times so that I usually wind up pressing”0″ till I could finally talk to somebody who can assist me with my troubles. This is very similar to the way I see robots introducing into the hospitality industry. I think their sole purpose is to look after dumb jobs such as providing more towels into room 215 or making certain room 350 gets the crib which the guest asked ahead of their stay, while we concentrate on client services. If you consider it, this will provide the front desk representatives more time to socialize with their guests and be sure their stay is nothing less than ideal. I compare this to the automatic service that’s motivated as soon as I make a telephone call for my cable company as if robots take good care of task in contrast to those the automatic services do, such as making a payment using a stored credit card or assessing the hours of operation, then it is going to provide more time to the clients which truly must talk with somebody.

Now it’s time to look at an illustration of robots going into the restaurant industry. Can you imagine just how much more effective the ceremony is going to be if you had robot conduct the excess ranch the guest asked to table or refilled the sweet tea on desk 23? Just consider how much additional time will provide the host to connect with all the guests at their tables.


Working With Robots in the Hospitality Industry

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